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Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Is your power bill too high?

You could be losing thousands of dollars every month on inefficient energy usage. Air conditioning takes up a significant amount of power consumption. Having an inefficient HVAC system, or other electrical devices can make your power bill increase considerable.

If you want power savings, you will benefit from an Energy Consulting

Our lead HVAC journeyman are certified energy consultants. Beside assessing the energy usage of your HVAC system, they also evaluate the whole electrical power usage. Many times simple changes can save thousands.

Our energy consulting service visit includes:

  • Reviewing your Power & Light bill and consumption trends,
  • Analyzing your air conditioning unit for maximum efficiency,
  • Discussing possible air leaks, moisture control, inefficient lighting and outdated appliances,
  • Evaluate air conditioning and water heating systems: by evaluating both the air conditioning and water heating systems, the two largest consumers of electricity in the home, we can determine ways to cut down costs.

Our consultation involve a life-cycle analysis to consider up-front costs, maintenance costs, and energy saving.

Is your power bill is too high? Schedule a consultation now.